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All students (undergraduate, graduate, ADCP) must check in online before classes begin and have their student accounts settled by the due date on the statement. The online check-in process includes vehicle registration, submission of immunization records (new students only), and updates to profile information in Self-Service. Self-Service will be open for registration and schedule changes through Monday, August 26.

Incoming and returning students who will start class on August 27, 2024, must fulfill all financial obligations by 5 p.m. on August 21 (the Wednesday before classes start) OR will have their registration cancelled and not be allowed to attend classes. Incoming students also must submit all required immunization records and transcripts by Aug. 21.

A $250 re-enrollment fee will be assessed to students who re-register for classes after completing all necessary processes. Check with your Student Financial Services counselor today to see what you need to do!

Classes begin on Tuesday, August 27, 2024

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Welcome home! At Milligan, Residence Life is about so much more than where you sleep at night. It’s about building a community and creating an environment that helps you to grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s about who you are and who God is creating you to be!

NEW STUDENTS should arrive and check-in to the residence halls on Saturday, August 24, 2024. Stop first at the Student Center (SUB) to check-in and THEN go to your dorm. Residence Life Staff will be on hand to check you in to your new home and give you your keys. Click here to find out more details about specific residence halls, room assignments, and suggested room needs.

Housing assignments will be made in early July.

COMMUTERS click here »

RETURNING STUDENTS can return to the residence halls on Sunday, August 25, 2024. Returning students who arrive earlier than this will NOT be permitted to stay in the residence halls unless they are involved in a school-related activity that requires them to arrive earlier and they have been approved by Residence Life. Students who arrive prior to their designated time will have a daily charge and must be pre-approved by the Dean of Students (423.461.8760).

New Students

Matriculation is a longstanding tradition where new students officially “sign in” to the records of the university. NEW STUDENTS must participate in Matriculation on Saturday, August 24, at 7:30 p.m. Parents and families are encouraged to attend!

New students will receive further information about Orientation from the Admissions Office.

  • Set up your Milligan IT account and claim your free software
    • Your email address entitles you to one free copy of Microsoft Office and one free Windows operating system upgrade. Click here to learn more »
    • If you need help accessing your Milligan account or email, visit, or visit the Kegley Computer Center, located in the lower level of the McMahan Student Center.
  • Sign up for Emergency Alerts
    • The RAVE Alert mass notification system sends instant text and email alerts about emergency and crisis situations, including weather‐related schedule changes. Sign up here once you have received your Milligan ID and login information. If you have problems registering for the service or have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 423.461.8704 or
  • Download the Laundry app
    • If you’re living on campus, download the Speed Queen payment app, which allows users to load funds and pay for laundry use through the app, view available washers and dryers on their phones, and receive notifications when wash and dry cycles are complete. Instructions for the use of the app are posted in each laundry room and can be found here »
  • Download the New SFP Scanning app
    • All undergraduate students are expected to obtain 150 SFP credits by the end of their senior year in order to receive their diploma. Transfer students and students coming to Milligan with AP exam credits or dual enrollment credits may begin their time here at Milligan with some pre-earned credits based on the number of credit hours completed. Use the app on your smartphone or mobile device to check into any SFP event or small group to receive credit. Simply present the unique QR code to one of our campus ministry hosts to receive credit for the event. More information can be found here
  • Get a Post Office Box
    • To receive mail on-campus, you must rent a PO Box online (enter 37682 and scroll down to find “Milligan College/University” and select Size 1-XS). Mail is not delivered to residence halls. Any regular mail addressed to students and received by the school will be returned to sender.
    • Postal Mail SENT via POST OFFICE: Student’s Name, PO Box #, Milligan, TN 37682.
    • Packages sent U.P.S. OR other ground service: Student’s Name, C/O Milligan University / Student’s Residence Hall and Room # / 130 Richardson Road / Milligan, TN 37682
  • Register your vehicle
    • You must register your vehicle at (There is no cost, but registration is required). Have the following information when you register: license tag/plate number, color, make, model, and year of your vehicle(s). Vehicles also can be registered in the Student Development Office. There is a $100 fine for not registering a vehicle or not displaying a sticker. See the vehicle policy in the Student Handbook for details on vehicle and parking policy.
  • Log-in to Self-Service
    • Students can view information about their academic record and student account in the University’s student records database (Self-Service) using the i.d. and password assigned, along with their date of birth and system i.d. provided by IT. You also can see semester class schedules, the University catalog, mid-term and final grades, unofficial transcripts, and charges and credits to the student’s account. Click here »
  • Pay your bill by August 21
    • Students must fulfill all financial obligations by 5 p.m. on August 21 (the Wednesday before classes start) OR will have their registration cancelled and not be allowed to attend classes. Incoming students also must submit all required immunization records and transcripts by Aug. 21.
    • See details below under Financial »
  • Complete the FERPA authorization form
    • If you want your parents to be able to communicate with university personnel or access your education records, click here to learn more about FERPA » and complete a form authorizing the release of information. The form is at the bottom of the page.
  • Review academic testing requirements below
    • See if you need to take the math placement exam or writing assessment, or Insight Assessment
    • If you’ve taken French or Spanish, you may be able to take a placement exam to start at a more advanced level
    • Read about CLEP or AP credit, if those apply to you
  • Review all the info on the Admissions Admitted Student page
  • Check out ways to get involved on campus…and stay healthy

Communication & Arts

In addition to lots of clubs and organizations, consider getting involved in the Performing, Visual, or Communicative Arts!


All Milligan students are eligible to participate in music ensembles and music lessons. Join one of our great vocal ensembles (Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir) or our fabulous orchestra. Or you can learn a new instrument by signing up for lessons (guitar, cello, violin, etc.). You can even take classes to learn to read music (MUSC 141: Music Theory Fundamentals). Participating in music is a great break from your studies and a wonderful way to make friends. Learn more at or contact Dr. Kellie Brown.


Be part of The Stampede, Milligan’s student-run news service. News, commentary and opinion, photography, video — in print, online and TV. We’re looking for writers, producers, editors, TV anchors, photographers, videographers, bloggers. Whether you want to contribute occasionally or be a regular staff member, you’ll find a place in the Stampede. Open to all students and optional academic credit is available. For more information, contact Professor Jim Dahlman, faculty adviser (, phone 423.461.8994).


Gain experience in live video streaming broadcasts! Students may sign up for Comm 185-Video Streaming and Production, for 1 to 3 credit hours. Students can volunteer if they don’t have room to add more hours to their schedule. We are looking for students that wish to be a part of the production team: operate cameras, graphics, direct, produce, line up halftime interviews, provide commentary (play by play or color) for athletic games such as Men’s and Women’s basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Women’s Softball and Men’s Baseball. We also stream various campus specialty events that occur during the semester. If you are interested in more information about this opportunity please contact Jill Sammons at


WUMC is Milligan’s student operated campus radio station. The station broadcasts a variety of content including music, comedy, talk, live sports, live music and more! WUMC is broadcast on 90.5FM, streamed online at, and show are published on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Shows are open to all students, and no prior experience is necessary. More details on how to sign up and the complete show lineup will be available at You can also follow WUMC on Instagram (@milliganradio), Facebook (WUMC Milligan Radio), or Twitter (@milliganradio).

Academic Testing Requirements


Official AP and CLEP score transcripts will be evaluated by the Associate Registrar. Credit will be granted according to the policies established by the Milligan Academic Committee and outlined in the Testing Services section of the Milligan catalog. If you took an AP exam and requested an official score report to be sent to Milligan University, applicable credit should be applied to your Milligan transcript by your first day of classes.

CLEP exams may be taken at any authorized CLEP testing site and score reports sent to Milligan University. Credit for CLEP exams will not be granted after a student has earned a cumulative total of 64 hours of college credit.

Requirements for exams are subject to change upon the recommendation of the Academic Committee. If you have any questions regarding AP or CLEP credit, please contact Becky Robertson, Associate Registrar, at 423.461.8415.


Transfer students who have not completed a math class, first-time students who did not submit ACT/SAT scores for admission, and first time students with an ACT Math sub-score of 18 or below (SAT 480 or below)must take a mathematics placement assessment online.Performance on the assessment determines placement in MATH 090, Math Strategies for College Success. The assessment will open in mid-June and will close in mid-August.  Students who must complete the assessment will receive instructions by email using their Milligan email account. After the MATH 090 professor evaluates each exam, students and advisors will be notified that the results support completing MATH 090 or that the student will be exempt from the course.

First-time who did not submit scores for admission but who have taken the ACT or SAT are welcome to provide scores for placement purposes.


First-time students who did not submit ACT/SAT scores for admission and students with an ACT English score of 19 or below (SAT EBRW score of 520 or below) must take the ACCUPLACER assessment to determine if HUMN 093, Strategies for College Success in Reading, Writing, and Studying, will be required. Students who must complete the assessment will receive instructions by email using their Milligan email account. The assessment will open in mid-April. After completing the assessment, students will receive an email notifying them of their course placement.  HUMN 093 is offered in Fall 2024.

Students who did not submit scores for admission but who have taken the ACT or SAT are welcome to provide the scores for placement purposes.


Students who have completed two years of high school French or Spanish and students who speak French or Spanish in their homes may take a placement exam to determine the appropriate level of language placement. These exams do not grant credit. They merely help faculty determine the level at which students should begin language study at Milligan. Students with placement exam scores at an advanced level may attempt to earn credit by taking a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam. See the “Testing” section (“Academic Policies”) of the Milligan Catalog for a chart showing the CLEP scores required for Milligan credit. For information about French or Spanish placement, contact Todd Edmondson at

Financial Info

Payment Due

All financial processes must be completed and the balance paid, or enrolled in a payment plan, on or before 5 p.m. on August 21, the Wednesday before classes start. If not completed, the class schedule will be cancelled. A $250 re-enrollment fee will be assessed to students who re-register for classes after completing all necessary processes. See  (policies>financial) for more details.


  • Pay entire balance due or enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan
  • Review and accept your financial aid offer (If you received a paper offer, please sign and return all pages)
  • Report all outside scholarships to your SFS counselor
  • Complete Student Loan Master Promissory Note
  • Complete online entrance counseling for first time borrowers
  • Return all documents requested for verification, if applicable
  • Submit pre-approval for alternative loans
  • Submit final high school and college (if applicable) transcripts
  • Complete Parent Plus loan application, if applicable
  • Communicate to SFS all payments expected from Veterans Affairs
  • Request funds from 529 plan in time to arrive at Milligan by August 21
  • This is not an exhaustive list of tasks which might need to be completed. See your SFS counselor about your specific situation.

Any student with an unpaid balance at the end of the day on the registration cancellation date will have their registration cancelled and will no longer be allowed to attend classes. In order to re-register for classes, students will have to satisfactorily resolve all financial issues and will be assessed a $250 re-enrollment fee.

Payment Options

Milligan offers an interest-free payment plan that is an easy, affordable way to pay for the year’s charges (not covered by other aid); the enrollment fee is $75.

You can also pay with cash, checks, credit/debit cards, or make payments online.


For a complete list of charges, visit Student Financial Services »


If you have accepted work-study on your award letter, you will receive a work-study contract. Wages earned through work-study positions are paid twice monthly. If you have any questions about your work-study award, contact Student Financial Services at 800.447.4880. If you have questions about your work-study job assignment, please contact the Payroll & Student Employment Coordinator at 423.461.8713.

Check Your Email for Notifications

Your Milligan University email account is used regularly to notify you of important information regarding your financial aid and/or student account.


Contact or call 800.262.8337.

See you in August!