Becoming an RA

Resident Assistants are primarily responsible for assisting the Residence Hall Director in creating and maintaining a living-learning environment in the residence halls; in which the greatest educational, social, cultural, and spiritual development may be realized by each resident.

Position Overview

Core Areas:

Building Connections

Resident Assistants effectively build connections by actively employing strategies to be visible, available, and approachable in their community; preparing and receiving ideas and information; communicating effectively; and perceiving and being sensitive to the perspectives, feelings, and circumstances of others.

Sample skills that Resident Assistants will utilize and strengthen to achieve this include, but are not limited to:
Active listening
Coaching and mentoring

Group Development

Resident Assistants effectively develop groups by seeking, integrating, and applying information on residents needs to engage the community; assessing group dynamics and addressing conflict with civility; and utilizing their skills and abilities, and showing a willingness to work with others to achieve results.

Sample skills that Resident Assistants will utilize and strengthen to achieve this include, but are not limited to:
Conflict resolution

Personal - Professional Harmony

Resident Assistants effectively establish and promote personal wellness by building and sustaining relationships with individuals who can provide guidance and support; effectively balancing autonomy and interdependence; consistently employing strategies to carry out professional responsibilities, manage academic and personal responsibilities, and achieve goals; and making choices for the improvement or sustaining of one’s physical, emotional, social, and/or spiritual health.

Sample skills that Resident Assistants will utilize and strengthen to achieve this include, but are not limited to:
Time management
Boundary setting

Upholding Community Standards

Resident Assistants effectively foster a safe and productive community by exhibiting sensitivity and upholding an expected level of privacy; critically analyzing and assessing situations to make decisions and/or provide solutions; confront behavior; and report concerns.

Sample skills that Resident Assistants will utilize and strengthen to achieve this include, but are not limited to:
Critical thinking
Conflict resolution
Problem solving

Community Impact

RAs have a genuine interest in contributing to the growth and maximum adjustment of students through the residence hall program. It is our expectation that the student who applies for an RA position is earnestly interested in the welfare of students and of Milligan and, consequently, is constructively supportive of the policies and expectations of the University.

RA Training

Resident Assistant Training is mandatory for all hired RAs. Resident Assistants come back early in August and January for training. Housing and meals are provided during this time. Fall training takes place in the month of August and is designed to teach RAs the necessary skills to be a residential leader in our communities. At the end of the training, RAs have the practical knowledge to carry out RA responsibilities and a philosophical understanding of why those responsibilities exist. In addition, RAs bond with other RAs all of whom will be great resources to build community in our residence halls. 

RA Benefits

Resident Assistants receive free housing for the dorm in which they will be serving in. The RA position requires someone who is truly dedicated to making living in the residence halls a positive experience for others in order to be successful. Due to the level of commitment needed, we encourage applicants who are only considering the stipend and room credit to consider whether or not they will be successful in the RA role. RA benefits are subject to change based on budgetary allocations and administrative decisions. 

Other Information

Alternate Selections

The Alternate Pool is for those candidates for the Resident Assistant position who meet many of the qualities and skills to be Resident Assistant but gains an additional year of leadership and relational experience alongside our staff. If there should be a Resident Assistant position vacancy, alternates may then be selected to fulfil the RA role. 

Training Dates


August 17 – RAs return.
August 17-23 – Fall training sessions. 
August 24 – New student move-in day.
August 25 – Returning student move-in day.


January 11 – RAs return and Spring training session. 
January 12 – Residence Halls open.


Application Timeline

  • Monday, February 12: Applications available.
  • Wednesday, February 21: Deadline to turn in applications.
  • Thursday, February 22: Candidates notified, and interviews scheduled. 
  • Tuesday-Thursday, February 27-29: Interviews conducted. 
  • Friday, March 1: Placements announced.


Director of Student Success & Disability Services

423.461.3088 | McMahan Student Center