Lost and found

An iPhone has been turned in to the Registrar’s Office. Also turned in is a man’s watch found in the field house. Please claim by coming to the Registrar’s Office […]

Lost keys

Savannah Yelton lost her car keys on Tuesday in the parking lot behind Hart.There are two single, black keys on the key ring and have Ford on them.  Please contact Savannah directly […]

Keys found near Webb

Security found a set of GM car and house keys near Webb on a black Milligan lanyard with a Dick’s scorecard. They are in Grace Goehner’s office at the Physical Plant. Call 423-461-8734 […]

Cell phone found

A cell phone was found yesterday in the cardio room of the gym.  Contact Zach Allen, Head Athletic Trainer, 423-461-8991 to claim. His office is in the bottom of Steve Lacy Fieldhouse.