Marvelous Monday 2024!

Today is Marvelous Monday! Go back to bed and get more rest. The Campus Activities team looks forward to seeing you at brunch running from 9:30-11AM in the caf. This year’s theme is National Parks!

Not on meal-plan, no problem, we have you covered for brunch. See our map and schedule below for the what, when, and where of it all. We have a couple of events asking for sign ups ahead of time. Put a team together and pre-register! Tournament sign up links are below – the staff/faculty hunt info email will be sent later this morning. Enter a drawing during each tournament to be eligible for grand prizes. Winners will be announced during the final game of each tournament – must be present during the final game to receive your prize!

Check your email again at 10:55am for the list of which faculty and staff are hidden on campus and how to sign up for tournaments. The Faculty/Staff hunt is on from 11am-12pm. The faculty and staff members participating will be hidden somewhere on the Milligan (or Emmanuel) campus. They must be outside and will not be hidden indoors. Find one and receive a gift card to Chickfila.

POV Album: Share the fun via photos you take throughout the day! Add them to our shared gallery – the full gallery will be available by Wednesday, 3/27:

This year’s map and schedule are included below! Watch the promo video here! 😊




As a reminder:

All student learning activities will be canceled on Wonderful Wednesday with the following exceptions:

  1. Clinical experiences involving an outside business entity (such as clinical nursing placements or student teaching)
  2. Graduate or ADCP classes

Performances to which persons outside the Milligan community have been invited, such as plays or concerts (lessons, rehearsals, and juries are not included and will be canceled) 

Upcoming Events