Parking Passes – Register Now

Parking Passes for the 2023 – 2024 academic year will be available for pickup in the Student Development Office located on the lower level of the SUB beginning on August 1st.

To expedite this process please preregister your vehicle now to avoid long lines when picking up your parking sticker.

Important Parking Information:

  • All vehicles on campus must be registered at all times.  You can register multiple cars free of charge.  Online parking registration can be completed at  Vehicles can also be registered in the Student Development Office in the McMahan Student Center (SUB).  The parking registration link is now open so you can go ahead and register your vehicle now to save time later.  Any change in license plate information should be updated.  You may send an e-mail update to Nicole Misterly at  
  • Changes in housing from on-campus to off-campus or vice versa require a parking sticker exchange. 
  • Tickets will be written beginning early Tuesday morning on the first day of classes; there will be no warning tickets.  Make sure you display your sticker properly and immediately. Not complying could result in a $100 fine. Facing the back of your vehicle, STICKERS GO ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE UPPER LEFT BACK WINDOW. 
  • All student, faculty, and staff vehicles parked in marked handicapped parking spaces on campus must display a University issued hang tag in the vehicles, regardless of whether the vehicles have handicapped placards, license plates or other similar designations. To obtain a hang tag for an injury or other medical condition, a signed statement from a medical provider noting the problem and length of time he or she recommends a parking pass be issued must be provided to the Student Development Office.

Information about parking guidelines is available in the Student Development Office, in the online Student Handbook, and as an attachment to this message.  This information provides parking lot information, sticker location details and important guidelines.  Please make yourself aware of this information.  Maps of the parking lots are available in Student Development

Below are answers to a few common parking questions: 

  • Parking at the upper level of the Steve Lacy Fieldhouse is only permitted to students with yellow parking stickers.  Parking is not allowed for other students for classes, events, practices or other activities in the fieldhouse.
  • Parking lots at McCown Cottage and both the upper and lower levels of Hardin Hall (across Blowers Boulevard from the library and Little Hartland) are restricted for faculty and staff use only.
  • Commuter parking is available in the lot behind the SUB, in the Anglin Field and Hopwood Church lots, and in the physical plant “canyon” lot.  Commuters are allowed to park in the Gilliam Wellness Center lot only when visiting the GWC
  • The parking lot across from the SUB is for faculty/staff and students with blue parking stickers only.
  • Vehicles belonging to residents of the Milligan Village and undergraduate residential students living in MSA apartments will receive gray parking stickers and will park in the lots behind the Milligan Village only.
  • No driving or parking is allowed on the loop sidewalk area at the Milligan Village.
  • Student parking at the BD Phillips Building on Emmanuel Hill is only permitted in the parking lots on the library side of the building.
  • No parking is permitted in the fire lane loop in front of the Phillips Building.
  • Parking in the student lots at the Phillips Building is reserved for commuters with orange stickers and students with blue, yellow and gray stickers when they are attending classes in the building only.
  • Open parking is allowed on the academic side of campus and in the student lots at the Phillips Building from 3:00 pm each day to 7:00 am the following morning, with the exception of prohibited areas such as handicapped, visitor, fire lane, loading zone, and service vehicle spaces.
  • Parking tickets may be paid online or in the McCown Business Office.
  • Ticket appeals can be made in the Student Development Office by completing an appeals form.  Bring any tickets being appealed when filing the appeal.  Lack of knowledge of the parking policy is not an adequate reason for appeal. 

 If you have any questions about campus parking, please contact Nicole Misterly or Brent Nipper.

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