Student Mail Delivery Information

To receive mail on-campus, each individual student must rent a post office box (rent a PO Box online-enter 37682 and scroll down to find “Milligan University” and select Size 1-XS). Boxes may not be shared by multiple students. Any mail sent to students at any college address other than a post office box rented by the student will not be delivered. Student mail is not delivered to residence halls or any other locations on campus.

All mail sent through the US Postal Service should be addressed to:

Student’s Name
PO Box # (for the post office box rented by the student)
Milligan, TN 37682

To receive packages at the post office, please use the following address:

Student’s Name
101 Neth Drive [& student’s post office box number]
Milligan, TN 37682

Packages may also be delivered to the physical plant for pickup:

Student’s Name, C/O Milligan University Physical Plant
Student’s Residence Hall and Room Number,
130 Richardson Road,
Milligan, TN 37682.

As mentioned above, the physical plant address is for the delivery of packages only.  Any regular student mail such as letters, cards, magazines, bills, etc. received at this or any other Milligan address will not be delivered.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation as we look forward to a great school year.

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