Diversity Efforts Update – 9/24

Dear Milligan community,

We are reminded this week of how essential the work of racial reconciliation is. It is our desire as an institution to do better to equip our community to end racism and treat every person with respect, dignity, and love.

Over the summer, we had a work group develop a diversity action plan based on recommendations from the Multicultural Education Resource Team (MERT), as well as feedback from alumni, students, and faculty. Some of those items are being implemented this fall and some will take more time as we focus on long-term improvement. Our priority goals include:

  1. ASSESSMENT & TRAINING/EDUCATION: Use various tools and methods to assess the multiethnic diversity climate at Milligan to determine how best to create a healthy, diverse learning environment.
  2. CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT: Develop campus-wide opportunities that encourage interaction and dialogue promoting racial diversity and harmony.
  3. GOAH PROGRAM: Support and honor students from culturally diverse backgrounds who promote the development of a multicultural learning community and grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, culturally, and creatively by embracing this task.
  4. CURRICULUM: Help transform the curriculum to reflect greater multiethnic diversity and promote intercultural competency in student learning.
  5. STUDENT LIFE: Develop opportunities for cross-cultural engagement and other experiences that promote and develop intercultural competence.
  6. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Engage community leaders of color to assist us in developing a multicultural learning community.
  7. MINORITY EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT: Increase the recruitment of faculty and staff of color who can help create a cultural climate that celebrates cross-cultural engagement.
  8. STUDENT RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: Promote recruitment and retention of culturally diverse students.

I ask our entire Milligan community to recommit ourselves to an environment of work, study, and life where we listen to others, empathize, walk with, and stand up and speak up for those whose voices are often ignored. We must serve our diverse world in a Christ-like manner.

I want to acknowledge and thank those serving on MERT this year. This work is not easy, but it is essential to move us closer to being a better institution that embraces the beauty and diversity of God’s creation.


Leadership Team:

Lee Harrison, VP for Marketing & Enrollment

Garland Young, VP for Academic Affairs & Dean

Mark Fox, VP for Student Development & Athletics

Theresa Garbe, Director of Alumni Relations & Development

Gwen Ellis, Director of Multicultural Engagement

Rich Aubrey, Campus Minister

Tony Jones, Dean of Students

Ron Kastens, Director of Ministry Leadership Program

Rebecca Sapp, School of Social Sciences & Education

Kristin Wright, Director of Admissions


Michael Blouin – School of Arts & Humanities

Kip Elolia – School of Bible & Ministry

Phil Kenneson – School of Bible & Ministry

Jason Bembry – School of Bible & Ministry

Namyoun Choi – Greene School of Business & Technology

Kristal Dove – Greene School of Business & Technology

John Paul Abner – School of Sciences & Allied Health

Brian Eisenback – School of Sciences & Allied Health

Amy Edmonds – School of Social Sciences & Education

Lori Mills – School of Social Sciences & Education

Shauna Nefos-Webb – School of Social Sciences & Education

Joy Drinnon – School of Social Sciences & Education


Keila Lau-Lopez, Graphic Designer

Leslie Bean, HR Director

Beth Anderson, Director of Center for Calling & Career Development

Kristin Wright, Director of Admissions

Kylie Russell, Women’s Basketball Coach


Cara Blanton, SGA Student Representative

Alexandra Reynoso, Goah Scholars President

Jasmine Guerrero, Multicultural Affairs President

Shanteal (Teal) Davis, Student-Athlete Representative

Luis de la Torre Gonzalez, International Student Representative

Janet Galante, ECS Student Representative

Thameena Giturwa, ECS Student Representative

Stephen Goodwin, ECS Student Representative

Sarah Masih, GPS Student Representative


Thank you,

President Greer