Campus Ministry Opportunities

Monday, September 21

1. SGA’s “The Refuge” debuts on Milligan SGA social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

  • Each week, a member of the Milligan community will share a video devotional reminding us that “the Lord is our refuge.

2. FCA’s “Saving Sermons” debuts via e-mail.

  • Every Monday, a member of the FCA leadership team will give a summary of and a link to a sermon or podcast that really hit home for them.

3. Campus Conversation – Racial Inclusion at 8:30pm via Zoom (link will be distributed by email on Monday)

  • We will hear personal experiences and perspectives from several Milligan students.
  • Special guest will be Aaron Murphy, a graduate of Emmanuel Christian Seminary and a local community leader.
  • We will discuss how we can make Milligan more racially inclusive and how we as Christians can help make society more racially inclusive. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of this important conversation.

Thursday, September 24 at 8:30pm

Our fall chapel series continues on the lawn at the Commons. Vincent Dial, minister at Bethel Christian Church in Jonesborough, TN will deliver a message from Ephesians 2.