Weekend Activities


If you are on campus and looking for a relaxing activity, Campus Activities will have make your own:

  • fridge magnets
  • flower origami

and those who enjoy coloring between the lines:

  • adult color books

Supplies and limited and will be out by 1pm tomorrow (Saturday) in SUB lounge area. You will be welcome to take to another location outside or back to your room to work on.


Come see Elk River Falls

Leaving Campus at 1pm

Meeting in parking area behind SUB

Drive yourself:

  1. Please travel with roommates, suitemates, or teammates. This will help you limit the number of people with whom you are having close contact.
  2. When you arrive in the lower SUB parking lot, each person should be prepared to show your daily clearance from Ascend / Basecamp.
  3. Jason will drive a Milligan vehicle you may follow to the destination 43 minutes away. This is a very short and easy hike with awesome views of the 50’ waterfall

Monday teaser:  Grocery Bingo?

This is a thing, and you can have a chance to win useful and sometimes tasty items, hence the name: Grocery Bingo

7pm Monday evening…more info to come

Tuesday teaser: Movie night