Update on MERT Initiatives

Dear Milligan community,

This has been a week of reflection and sorrow for the tragic injustices that black people and all people of color continue to face. As Milligan faculty, staff, and students gathered in prayer Sunday evening on the Mary Sword Commons, we prayed that Milligan can do better to equip our community to listen to others, to empathize, to walk with, and to stand up and speak up for those whose voices are often ignored.

I want to be very clear where Milligan stands on racism. It is evil and it will not be tolerated. We recommit ourselves as an institution to our Commitment to All People statement that says, “In faithfulness to the teaching of Scripture, we commit ourselves to honoring and broadening the diversity of our community and to treating every person with respect, dignity, and love. By reflecting the diversity of God’s kingdom, the University bears witness to that kingdom and equips students to serve in a diverse and interdependent world.”

Our Multi-Ethnic Resource Team of faculty, staff, and students began working this past academic year to identify ways that Milligan can better foster a commitment to diversity; create a welcoming university environment; provide training, discussions, and strategies to help faculty, staff, and students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of intercultural competence; better recruit and retain a diverse student body and workforce; and ultimately prepare students to engage a diverse world in a Christ-like manner. In the coming months, we will continue to identify specific actions to step into the problem of racial injustice to work for change. May Milligan University influence the world in bigger ways that bring justice, reconciliation, understanding, and most of all, love for one another.

Today, I call on our community to continue to pray and act. Pray for an end to racism. Pray for justice, reconciliation, and peace. Let us all recommit ourselves to create an environment of work, study, and life where all people of all tribes who have been created by the same God in His image feel loved and accepted.

President Greer