Study Abroad Deadlines

Study Abroad and International Internships 2020-2021



Partner updates:

Summer Programs
·         Organic Chemistry in Alicante

·         Engineering in Buenos Aires

·         Physics for Engineers in Dublin

·         Identity & Global Citizenship in Alicante

·         Liberal Arts & Social Sciences in Buenos Aires

·         International Business in Galway

·         Tourism & Hospitality Management in Barcelona (New Concentrations: Sports and Event Management)

Spring and Fall Programs
·         Agriculture & Economy in Florence

·         Study + Internship in Madrid*

·         Marine Science & Biology in Galway

*Available during the summer session too  

CEA has also added the following new courses to pre-existing programs:
·         “Supply Chain Management” in Dublin·         “Comparative Latin American Economies” in Buenos Aires·         “Positive Psychology” in Rome

·         “Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Disease, Wellness, and Health” in Seville



We want to fly your students to Latin America… for free!

In 2020, all semester participants studying in Latin America in the spring or fall (or students taking at least two CIEE Open Campus Blocks  at Latin America locations) will not have to worry about the cost of travel.

We’re offering free flights (up to $1000!) to any of our Latin America and Caribbean programs and locationsBuenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago and Valparaíso, Chile; Monteverde, Costa Rica; Havana, Cuba; Santiago, Dominican Republic; Cusco, Peru; and Yucatán, Mexico.  ​

Second, we’re adding even more business and STEM courses. 

Over two dozen business and STEM courses, all delivered in English, will be added to our best-in-class portfolio of study abroad options, including direct enrolled, island programs, and intensive language programs.



 20% discount for the first 5 students who enroll with us through summer 2020.

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