New Course Offering: Chapel Service Practicum, CMIN 256

This course provides students the opportunity to plan, execute, and evaluate the weekly Thursday chapel services for the Milligan community. Students are required to attend all Thursday chapels, a weekly planning and evaluation session, and some rehearsals. Student may take the course up to four times. Permission of the instructor required. Offered every term. One semester hour.

The class will meet one hour each week, Tuesday 2:05pm to 3;10pm, for evaluation and planning. Students are expected to attend all Thursday chapels in order to be able to evaluate each service. On the weeks that students have a specific responsibility at a chapel service, they are required to attend the rehearsal.

You do not have to be a Ministry major to enroll. Students who wish to enroll need to see Dr. Ron Kastens,, for permission.   Betsy Magness will be the instructor for the course.