ICOM missions conference Nov 15-18

Apostolos Missions Club is sponsoring a trip to the International Conference on Missions (ICOM), Nov. 15-18.  Connect with missionaries from around the world, explore domestic and international internship opportunities, hear great speakers and expand your view of God’s kingdom.   More at www.theicom.org

Cost is $45 for housing plus food on your own (9 meals total).  Registration and transportation are provided, and we will leave Thursday after lunch and return Sunday afternoon.  5 SFP credits available.

Spots are limited to 24 Milligan/ECS students.  To reserve your spot, email Brad at bswallace@milligan.edu and drop off your $45 deposit in the Student Development Office before Nov 1.

Questions? Contact Ellie Mullins – eamullins@my.milligan.edu.