Today is Wonderful Wednesday!

It’s time to celebrate one of our FAVORITE Days of the Year – and it is going to be out of this world. Check out the attached schedule to see a list of today’s events. Have a wonderfully galactic time today…and as you post to social media, do us a favor and tag your posts with #WonderfulWednesday – that way everyone can see how much fun we are having!!

So go back to bed, or not because you are so excited, either way brunch starts at 10:00am – and we can’t wait to see you in the Caf to get the celebration started!! No meal plan, no problem. It’s on Campus activities this morning, just let the person at the register know.

As a reminder:

All student learning activities will be canceled on Wonderful Wednesday with the following exceptions:
a. Clinical experiences involving an outside business entity (such as clinical nursing placements or student teaching)
b. Graduate or ADCP classes
Performances to which persons outside the Milligan community have been invited, such as plays or concerts (lessons, rehearsals, and juries are not included and will be canceled)