A Message From SGA President About Hurricane Relief Opportunities

Good afternoon,

SGA has been working alongside Student Development and Campus Ministries to develop a strategic plan for long term assistance to the Houston area. After a careful consideration of many worthy charities we are choosing the Houston Food Bank so the money can go directly to the city of Houston. Research into many charities has revealed that the biggest needs were cash and logistical support. Often, our first reaction is to collect water and clothes but the collecting, sorting, and distribution can be more difficult for the very organizations we are trying to help then sending money as they requested.

We desire to take a long view of how we can continue to serve this area. Here are three steps that we have identified for Harvey relief:

1. Opportunities for giving:
a. Collection after chapel tomorrow. SGA will have a table outside the cafeteria in Sutton Hall for cash and card donations.
b. Rush Day September 6th – SGA and CAB will have a table set up to make for cash and card donations in the Mary Sword Commons.
c. TWIRP event fundraiser (TBA)
d. You can give via the Milligan College Website

2. As we assess the needs in Houston over the coming weeks, we will investigate the type of physical items needed and facilitate a donation process on campus.

3. Trips to Houston. Please let Brad Wallace know if you would be interested in doing a service project after finals in December. We will look for partners in that community to serve and plan the logistics of sending a group down. We will also explore going to Houston for our Spring Break.

I appreciate the passion of this community and look forward to serving alongside you.

Gabriel K. Logan

SGA President