Megan Fontenot and Abbey Booher to make HUMN 490 Presentations – Tuesday, November 29th

Join us at SUB7 Tuesday evening, Nov. 29 at 8:00 as Megan Fontenot and Abbey Booher present their Humanities 490 projects.

Megan’s paper is titled “Seeking Shared Enrichment: Tolkien, Foucault, and the Evasion of Oppressive Power through Creative Participation.” Megan used literary theory/criticism, philosophy, and theology to evaluate a unique response to manifestations of oppressive power in our time (specifically as it relates to literature, authorship, etc.). Megan will talk through her research questions and process and then discuss her basic conclusions.

Abbey will present three of her original paintings based on abstract art and revolving around the theme of brokenness and restoration. She will discuss how the process of brokenness can result in beauty. She will explain her artworks and her process.

Come out and support Megan and Abbey and learn something as well!