Soul Keeping group study – 6 SFP


“The soul is the coolest, eeriest, most mysterious, evocative, crucial, sacred, eternal, life-directing, fragile, indestructible, controversial, expensive dimension of your existence. Jesus said it’s worth more than the world. You’d be an idiot not to prize it above all else.” – John Ortberg 

Soul Keeping is a six week video-based study that explores what the soul is, what it needs, and how you can ‘keep’ – feed, protect, grow, and live from – this central part of who God made you to be.

Campus Ministry is offering Soul Keeping as a large/small group study on campus.  Each session consists of a short teaching video with author John Ortberg which we watch together (large group), followed by a student-led discussion time (small group).  Sessions run an hour or less with no extra reading required, and the study is good for up to 6 SFP.

SK groups will meet Wednesdays at 9pm starting Sep 14To sign up, please email with the subject line ‘Soul’. If you would like to be placed in a group with a buddy, please send both names in one email and we will do our best.