Cafeteria Menu

Monday, April 11, lunch: Salisbury steak with mushroom au jus, chicken pot pie and quesadilla bar. Dinner: carved BRT pork, chicken parmesan, beef and bean burrito and breakfast bar.

Tuesday, April 12, lunch: fish sandwich, sweet and sour meatballs with egg noodles and pasta saute. Dinner: carved roast beef, grilled chicken Alfredo, cheese enchiladas and pizza bar.

Wednesday, April 13, lunch: baked chicken, pepperoni rigatoni and Thai bar. Dinner: carved turkey roast, corn dogs, open faced Philly beef hoagie and pizza bar.

Thursday, April 14, lunch: open faced turkey bagel, chili Frito and omelet bar. Dinner: chicken sandwich, popcorn fish, Florentine stuffed shells and banana’s foster.

Friday, April 15, lunch: BLT wrap, beef stir fry and fiesta Friday bar. Dinner: carved whole chicken, beef fajitas, grilled bratwurst and pasta bowl.