Learn About African Traditions And Religions with PHIL 250

Taught by Kenyan seminary professor Kip Elolia, this new undergraduate course will explore the reconstruction and development of African religions and traditions once they were transplanted from Africa to the USA, Caribbean and Latin America as a result of slavery and migration.


Course description:

With the arrival of Europeans in the African continent, many Africans were forced into slavery and migration to the USA, Caribbean and Latin America.  Upon arrival in the new world, they reconstructed some of their traditions and religions.  These religions are now organized as Brazilian Candomble, Caribbean Santeria, and Haitian/New Orleans voodoo.  For their survival in the new world, some have employed Christian symbols and given them novel interpretations.  In addition to exploring their historical developments, the course will attempt to examine the inner workings of each of these religions in light of their impact in western society as well as their interaction with Christianity.  (Requirements: two multiple choice exams and short weekly reflection papers.)​