Volunteers Needed for Cycling Races

The Cycling team here at Milligan need volunteers to work the races on April 9th and 10th.

Saturday April 9th

Time slot one is from 7:15am-10:30am. Volunteers need to meet on campus for time trial. Race start from front of campus. Volunteers can shuttle if needed to corners. The job would be to marshal corners for racers. You will be instructed by Zack Nave on what to do.

Time slot two will be from 11am- 5:30pm. Volunteers will need to meet at Mary Hughes School. Zach can transport some volunteers to the course, but they will need to be ready to leave and in the canyon by 10:30am. (Also 5:30 is by far the latest the race will need, just planning for the longest) most volunteers need to be able to transport themselves, but Zach will take anyone that can not drive and work that out.

Sunday April 10th.

Time slot one on Sunday will be from 7:15am to 10:15am.
Time slot two on Sunday will be from 10:15am to 1:00pm.
Time slot three on Sunday will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
Time slot four on Sunday will be from 3:00pm to 6pm

Volunteers on Sunday will be meeting at the Bonnie Kate in downtown Elizabethton. The volunteers will be corner marshaling for the race.

Please email LINC if you are interested at the email below or if you have any questions.