Book buyback + winners announced!

Day one winners

Emily Williams

Jaretta Campbell

James Blake Stanley

Derek Magee

Day two:

Laura Faidley

Kaitlyn Slade

The Milligan College bookstore is having a BookSmart Scratch & Win Giveaway: Come sell your textbooks at the Milligan College bookstore and receive a scratch and win card.
You could win a Sweatshirt, T-shirts, hats, or drink-ware.

Be sure to use all winning game cards by Friday, December 11, 2015.

Book buyback

12/8 — 10-4p

12/9 — 10-4p

12/10 — 10-6p

You can sell your books back at the Milligan College Bookstore even if you did not purchase them from our bookstore.
Why should I sell my books back to the bookstore?
• Buyback keeps textbooks on the Milligan College campus.
• The used books you sell to the store will help students save money next term.
• Recycling your books through buyback has obvious advantages for the environment.
• Last but not least, buyback will put some cash back in your pocket with the least amount of hassle!
How can I get the most for my books?
• Don’t hold onto your books for too long before selling them back. Books tend to depreciate with time, and if the publisher prints a new edition of a book, the value of the current printing usually goes to zero.
• Keep any CD’s or extras with your book, they may be required to be able to sell that book.
• Keep your books dry – wet books have no value to anyone.
What determines the price I receive for a textbook?
When selling your textbooks, as in any transaction, demand is everything. The level of demand, and the price you receive, is determined by two factors:
1. Whether or not a book is needed at Milligan College the following semester
2. The national demand for books that will not be used at Milligan College.
3. The single most important factor in determining the price you will be paid at buyback is simply whether or not an instructor has ordered the book for use in one of next semester’s classes. When a faculty member has ordered a book, the bookstore will buy it back for a higher price then the wholesaler will.
4. If a book has been dropped at Milligan College, the wholesale book company may make an offer based on the projected national demand for the book. The wholesaler will pay you the best price that they are offering for it, then we will ship the book to the wholesaler for you.

Why does the value of some books go to zero?
There are a few of reasons:
1. The publisher has come out with a new edition, thereby eliminating the market value of the prior version. (Textbooks usually go through a 2-3 year revision cycle.)
2. There is currently an oversupply of the book nationally, or the used book companies have determined that they are not likely to find
another school that needs the book.
3. The book only has a regional or local demand.
4. The book has gone out-of-print
5. Any book that is grossly damaged – wet, or water damaged, missing pages, etc has no value.
A Milligan College ID or State drivers license is required to take advantage of BOOK BUY BACK
Milligan College Bookstore finals week hours are 8–5 Monday through Friday