Campus Activities Trip to See Bridge of Spies on November 15th

Free to the first 20 students to reserve a spot.  You can email Jason Onks at to save your spot on a van and get a free Bridge of Spies movie ticket. Francis Gary Powers was a 1950 graduate of Milligan College and went on to join the Air Force. As a pilot he flew in the CIA U-2 program who’s task was to fly over Russia during the Cold War and take pictures of military installations.  Mr. Powers was shot down but safely ejected from the plane, only to be captured by the Soviets and interrogated by the KGB. The United Stated negotiated a trade of a Soviet spy for Mr. Powers that took place on a bridge in Berlin. Come with us and learn the whole story on Sunday November 15th meeting at 4:00pm in the SUB parking lot.

Bridge of Spies