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Good day, Milligan!

Proverbs 14:15 – The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.

This is Thursday, May 14, 2015, and on this day in Milligan history . . . 

1882    The first graduating class of Milligan College “commenced” into the world. Each of the ten members of the class received a Bible inscribed, dated and signed by Josephus Hopwood. The Bible presented to George W. Hardin resides in the Milligan College Archives in the papers of Hardin’s daughter, Mary Hardin McCown, a former Milligan professor and trustee. Mrs. McCown noted that after her father’s death in 1922 the Bible was found in his desk, without a cover . . . a sign that Hardin used this Bible often. She presented the Bible to Milligan on May 17, 1981, ninety-nine years after Hopwood had given it to the graduate. The Bible may have been in lieu of a diploma as no diplomas from 1882 are known to exist. Submitted by Clinton J. Holloway (1995)

1917    Milligan’s neighboring college, Tusculum, suffered reduced enrollment when Uncle Sam called over a third of the college’s 126 “boys” and seven professors into service to fight in the World War. Joseph T. Fuhrman, The Life and Times of Tusculum College (Greeneville, TN: Tusculum College, 1986), pp. 161-170.

1927    Ashley Sidney Johnson, founder of the School of the Evangelists, later known as Johnson Bible College and more recently Johnson University, died in Baltimore, MD.  Alva Ross Brown, Standing on the Promises (Knoxville: S. B. Newman, 1928), 236-237.

1964    Anticipating the new freshman class that would arrive in September, Milligan College’s enrollment management team released figures about whence the Buffaloes came. Milligan was expecting 47 freshmen from Indiana, 28 from Ohio, 19 from Virginia, 15 from Tennessee, 7 from Kentucky, 6 from Georgia, 4 from North Carolina, 3 each from Maryland and Illinois, and 2 each from New Jersey and Florida.  The Stampede, May 24, 1964, p. 3.

1976    President Gerald R. Ford visited Johnson City. Ford spoke to a crowd in Freedom Hall in support of his candidacy for the presidency. Ray Stahl, Greater Johnson City: A Pictorial History (Norfolk/Virginia Beach: The Donning Company, 1983), p. 213.

Birthdays: In 1771 Robert Owen in Newtown, Powys, East Wales. . . in 1867 Kurt Eisner in Berlin, Germany . . . in 1936 Walden Robert Cassotto (aka Bobby Darin) in The Bronx, NY . . . in 1944 George Lucas in Modesto, CA . . . and in 1995 Milligan College rising junior Jesse Robert Mangano in Rochester, MN.


Elsewhere . . .

In 1607 Anglican priest Robert Hunt held the first Anglican service in the New World at what was to become Jamestown, VA. 

In 1858 workmen for the East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad drove the last spike at Bull’s Gap, TN, linking all of East Tennessee by rail to major cities such as Richmond and Atlanta. Robert Beverley, ed., The East Tennessee Almanac (Franklin, NC: Sanctuary Press, 19920, p. 144; Greene County Guidebook 2005/2006, p. 26

In 1948 the Jewish people of Palestine proclaimed the State of Israel in Tel Aviv. On the same day the government of the United States recognized the newly-refounded state.

In 1998 the last episode of Seinfeld ran on NBC. Thirty-second commercials aired for $2 million.


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