Today in Milligan History, 4/28

Today in Milligan History

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Good Day, Milligan!

Proverbs 28:15 – Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked ruler over a helpless people.

This is Tuesday, April 28, 2015, and on this day in Milligan history . . . 


1788    Legendary Methodist bishop Francis Asbury crossed the Watauga River on his first of seven forays to proclaim the Methodist faith west of the Alleghenies.  Frank Merritt (1947), Early History of Carter County 1760-1861 (Knoxville, TN: East Tennessee Historical Society, 1950), p. 100.

1959    The Milligan College Footlighters presented Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons.  Jim Eckard (1962) played the role of Joe Keller; Laura Hamilton (1960) was Kate Keller; Dave McCord (1960) was their son Chris Keller; Wanda Stofferan (1960)  played Ann Deever; the rest of the cast included Phil Pletcher (1961), Vonda Martin, Dave Thompson, Diane Tomkins, Paul Sutton, and Phil EdwardsThe Stampede, May 8, 1959.

1971    Founder’s Daughter Diane Skillman made a surprise move at the end of Convocation Tuesday morning when she read a “Concerned Tuesday” proclamation.  As a result, all afternoon classes were suspended, and students and faculty spent the day giving attention to environmental issues. “Concerned Tuesday,” reported the Stampede, was Milligan’s answer to Earth Day. Local health and environmental officials spoke at special classes. The freshman class cleaned out Buffalo Creek; the senior class worked on cleaning the administration building (now Derthick Hall); someone stocked the Hardin Hall fountain with fish. Ice cream in the afternoon and a steak dinner in the evening topped off the day. To plan “Concerned Tuesday,” President Jess W. Johnson (1918 -2008; served as president 1968-1982) had months in advance named a committee consisting of Prof. Howard Hayes (1934), Prof. Rowena Bowers.(at Milligan 1959-1978). Prof. Patricia J. Bonner (1957, Fide et Amore, at Milligan 1966-1998) and Dr. Edward Leach. The Stampede, Vol. xxiv, No. 12, May 1, 1971.

2006    The Stampede reported a major change in Milligan College’s chapel attendance policy as announced by President Donald R. Jeanes (1968, Fide et Amore, ΦAΘ, Milligan College president 1997-2011) and approved at the recent Board of Trustees’ meeting. As of the Fall 2006 semester students would be required to attend a total of 160 “spiritual formation program”(SFP) events during their time at Milligan. Divided by eight semesters, students would attend an average of twenty events each semester. “[Students] can choose to go to thirty-five or five . . . in a semester as long as they get 160 by the time they graduate,” said Campus Minister Nathan Flora (1998; Milligan 1999-2010). SFP events were not limited to Chapel or Convo, but included attendance at lectures and presentations by guest speakers in other campus venues.

2006    Two retiring Milligan professors taught their last regularly scheduled classes. Faculty in the F.O.B. had a farewell luncheon honoring R. David Roberts (1964; on the faculty 1982-2006) and Professor of Education Carol Roose (at Milligan 1989-2006)

2008    The Phoenix release party took place at 7:30 p.m. in Welshimer Memorial Library. Executive Editor Hannalilly Smith (2008) was assisted by co-editors Anna Gindlesperger (2008), Erin Hernandez (2008), Devon Johnson (2008), Emily Krug (2008), and Joy Veenstra (2008)

2011    Milligan College installed Professor Patricia Phillips Magness (1969, Fide et Amore, Milligan 1984-2012) in the George and Janet Arnold Chair of HumanitiesGeorge Arnold attended Milligan 1938-1941. After WWII he met and married Janet, after which they settled in Kingsport. The Patricia Arnold Nursing Center is named for their daughter.

Birthdays: In 1758 James Monroe in Westmoreland County, VA . . . in 1772 Abner Jones (1772-1841) in Royalton, MA . . . in 1926 Harper Lee in Monroeville, AL.


Elsewhere . . .

In 1789 the crew of Capt. Bligh’s HMS Bounty mutinied.

In 1959 TV viewers saw the final broadcast of Arthur Godfrey and His Friends on CBS-TV. The Milligan College Male Quartet had appeared on Godfrey’s show in 1952.

In 1967 Muhammed Ali (né Cassius Clay) refused induction into the United States Army.


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