Today in Milligan History, 4/6

Today in Milligan History

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Good Day, Milligan!

Proverbs 3:15 – [Wisdom’s] ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.

This is Friday, April 3, 2015, and on this day in Milligan history . . . 

1912    The funeral train bearing Ex-Governor and United States Senator Robert Love “Our Bob” Taylor’s body arrived in Nashville, TN at 9:00 p.m. Taylor was a native of Happy Valley and an alumnus of the Buffalo Male and Female Institute, the fore-runner of Milligan College. Alf A. Taylor, Hugh L. Taylor and James P. Taylor, Life and Career of Senator Robert Love Taylor of Tennessee. Nashville: The Bob Taylor Publishing Company, 1913, p. 289.

1915    Mr. John Watson of Milligan College married Miss Mattie Gibson of Watauga in a ceremony in Johnson City. Who can tell Phi Alpha Theta more about the Watsons? Howard N. Campbell, Watauga: An Unusual History of the Watauga, Tennessee area, the Birthplace of Democracy in the World as We Know It Today (Kingsport, TN: Arcata Graphics, 1986), p. 396.

1950    The nationally famous Deep River Singers, “America’s foremost male quartet,” provided an evening of entertainment thanks to the planning of Prof. Ivor Jones and the Concert and Lecture Committee.  The African-American Deep River Singers served as ambassadors of interracial good will. The Stampede, March 25, 1950

1970    At Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN, R. David Roberts (1964; Fide et Amore, at Milligan 1982-2006) baptized young Phil Kenneson (Milligan since 1992).

1995    Marvelous Monday! Someone slipped pieces of paper under dormitory room doors with the words, “Classes dismissed,” signed by Dean of Students John Derry.

2006    The faculty of Milligan College expressed its appreciation and thanks to two retiring colleagues, Chair of the Area of Biblical Learning and Starkey Professor of Bible and Christian Ministries R. David Roberts (1964; Fide et Amore, at Milligan 1982-2006) and Professor of Education Carol Roose (Milligan 1989-2006).

2013    President William B. Greer (1985; Milligan since 1994; president since 2011) announced to the faculty that Milligan College had been approved to offer graduate and professional programs for the Kingsport Center for Higher Education.  Greer characterized the development as a way for Milligan to demonstrate collaboration in the region and extension of the college’s mission. Letter to the campus from President Bill Greer, April 3, 2013

Birthdays: In 1783 Washington Irving in New York, NY . . . in 1822 Edward Everett Hale in Boston, MA . . . in 1898 Henry R. Luce in Tengchow, China . . . in 1930 Helmut Kohl in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany . . . and in 1995 Milligan College sophomore Mary Kate Ferguson in Johnson City, TN.


In 1865 Union forces occupied Richmond, VA.

In 1913 a British court sentenced suffragette Emily Pankhurst to three years in jail.

In 1948 President Harry S Truman signed into law the Marshall Plan, an infusion of billions of dollars to help Europe rebuild after World War II.

In 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his “mountaintop” speech to sanitation workers in Memphis, TN.


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