Today in Milligan History, 1/15

Today in Milligan History

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Good Day, Milligan!

Proverbs 15:15 – All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.

This is Thursday, January 15, 2015, and on this day in Milligan history . . . 


1893    Students at Milligan College faced some cold days. Most of the running water in East Tennessee froze.  Water mills in the area froze to a standstill. Bread grew scarce because “there was not a pound of flour for sale in Bluff City on January 15, 1893.” Howard N. Campbell, Watauga: An Unusual History of the Watauga, Tennessee area, the Birthplace of Democracy in the World as We Know It Today (Kingsport, TN: Arcata Graphics, 1986), p.136.

1909    J. T. McKissick, Tennessee State Secretary of Missions for the Christian churches and churches of Christ, delivered an address in the Milligan College chapel service entitled “John Wesley.” McKissick would later serve as President of the college, 1914-1915. Milligan College “New Horizon,” Volume I, No. vi, Catalogue Number 1909-1910.

1970    An influenza epidemic hit Milligan College; as many as 200 students could not attend classes during the last two weeks of the month. The Stampede, January 30, 1970,  2.

Birthdays:  In 1850 mathematician Sonya Kurtovsky Kovalevsky in Moscow, Russia . . . in 1908 physicist Edward Teller in Budapest, Hungary  . . . in 1918 Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in Bacos near Alexandria, Egypt . . . in 1929  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta, GA . . . in 1994 Milligan College junior Callie Margaret West in Shreveport, Louisiana . . . and freshman Abigail Kay Williamson in 1996 in Danville, IN.


In 1844 the Roman Catholic Church chartered the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

In 1861 Elisha Otis patented a steam-powered elevator.

In 1870 Harper’s cartoonist Thomas Nast first depicted the Democratic Party as a donkey.

In 1925 the term “hillbilly music” came into vogue when talent scout Ralph Peer, recording a Southern string band at the Okeh Studios in New York, dubbed the group “Al Hopkins and the Hill Billies.” Later that year the appropriately named Charlie Bowman, a fiddle-playing native of Fordtown (near Kingsport), joined the Hill Billies. Robert Beverley, ed., The East Tennessee Almanac (Franklin, NC: Sanctuary Press, 1992, 163.

In 1981 “Hill Street Blues” premiered on NBC-TV.

In 1997 the American space shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russia Mir Space Station.


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