Need service hours this holiday season?


Want to do something with all of your holiday spirit?

There is still time to get involved with Angel Tree!

If you are interested in helping,

The slots available are:

Nov. 23: 3-6pm

Nov. 24: 3-6pm

Nov. 25: 10-12pm, 3-6pm

Nov. 26: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm

Nov. 27: 6-9pm

Nov. 28: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm, 6-9pm

Nov. 29: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm, 6-9pm

Nov. 30: 3-6pm

Dec. 1: 12-3pm

Dec. 2: 10-12pm, 3-6pm, 6-9pm

Dec. 3: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 3-6pm

Dec. 4: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 6-9pm

Dec. 5: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 6-9pm

Dec 6: 10-12pm, 12-3pm, 6-9pm

Dec 7: 11-12pm, 12-3pm,

Dec 8: 6-9pm

Dec 9: 6-9pm

Dec 10: 9am-12pm

Dec 11: 9am-12pm, 3-6pm

Dec 12: 9am-12pm, 12-3pm, 6-9pm

Please Email to reserve your spot!