Weekend hike with the Buffalo Ramblers

The Buffalo Ramblers’ year-opening hike to Laurel Falls is among the College’s fondest and wettest traditions.

1)     The event is free and open to anyone in the Milligan community who is eager and able to hike in the Appalachian Mountains.

2)     Meet on the steps of Hart Hall at 12:30 this Saturday, August 23. We’ll return around 4:30 PM. Starting at 12:00 gives you time for breakfast or brunch; please don’t come without eating something first.

3)     We’ll caravan to the Appalachian Trail in Dennis Cove, southeast of Hampton, TN (about a 35-minute drive). A Milligan van will be available.

4)     The total hiking distance is 5 miles. The majority of the trail is easy; a few sections are moderate in their steepness or need for cautious footing.

5)     Swimming at the falls is allowed and even encouraged. You may choose, therefore, to wear a bathing suit under your hiking clothes, to bring a towel and/or a spare shirt, etc.

6)     Safety first! Neither climbing on nor jumping from rocks will absolutely not be allowed at the falls. Wear good walking shoes (flip flops aren’t good walking shoes). Bring your own drinking water; you’ll need it. Anyone allergic to bee stings cannot go without an EpiPen or the like.

7)     Direct questions to Jeff Miller (JDMiller@Milligan.edu).