Help kids go to Young Life camp

Dear Milligan Faculty and Staff,

My name is Nelson Schneider, I am freshman at Milligan. I am involved in Young Life, which is a high school outreach ministry. I lead Young Life at Happy Valley High School right down the road from us. I get to hang out with high school guys and develop friendships with them, in hopes that I can win the right to be heard and tell them about Jesus. Every summer, high schoolers go to a week long camp that is said to be the best week of their life. As a former camper, this is absolutely true- this is where I decided to really start living my life for Jesus and start a relationship with Him. I want my friends at Happy Valley to be able to go to camp and hear about the Savior who loves them. This is where you come in,  to lower camp costs we fund-raise for the kids. We can mow your grass, clean out your garage, babysit for you. Anything that you need done, we can do it for you. Would you take some time to see if you could think of any odd jobs that would help us? Also if you would like to consider sponsoring a kid that would be fantastic. The total camp cost for a week at camp is $555… and it is worth every penny!

If you have any questions you can contact me 615-582-4975 or contact Meredith Blackburn (who works for Young Life full time) 865-566-3282.