Last day of Penny War!

Today is the LAST DAY of the Alpha Chi Penny War! This is your LAST CHANCE to make:

Mary Jackson take a vow of silence,

Bob Mahan wear a female superhero costume, John Jackson wear a kilt, Tony Jones sport extreme facial hair, and Lori Mills dye her hair blue and green.

Bring pennies or other money to Sutton lobby TODAY between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.! Remember: the Alpha Chi sponsor with the most points will do his or her embarrassing activity next week! If $250 or more is raised, ALL of the sponsors have to do their embarrassing activities! We need $175 ON FRIDAY to make this happen. That’s just 35 people donating $5 each, or 25 people donating $7 each!

Pennies placed in a sponsor’s container will count 1 point, while other coins or bills reduce the number of points (e.g., a nickel reduces points by five, a dollar by 100, etc.). The money raised will be donated to a local school for the purchase of books and to a clean water fundraiser at the Alpha Chi National Convention in March.

Totals as of Thursday, Feb. 25th:

1. Bob Mahan: 442 points (877 pennies – $4.35 other currency)

2. Tony Jones: 325 points (605 pennies – $2.80 other currency)

3. John Jackson: -201 points (44 pennies – $2.45 other currency)

4. Mary Jackson: -238 points (137 pennies – $3.75 other currency)

5. Lori Mills: -257 points (643 pennies – $9.00 other currency)

Other miscellaneous money donated: $29.65

Total money raised thus far: $75.06