Who’s ahead in the Penny War?

Time is running out! If you want to see Mary Jackson take a vow of silence, Bob Mahan in a female superhero costume, John Jackson in a kilt, Tony Jones with extreme facial hair, or Lori Mills dye her hair blue and green, you need to bring pennies or other money to Sutton lobby during lunch this week!

The Alpha Chi National Honor Society Penny War Fundraiser continues through Friday in Sutton Hall lobby from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.Remember: the Alpha Chi sponsor with the most points at the end of the fundraiser will do his or her embarrassing activity next week! Pennies placed in a sponsor’s container will count 1 point, while other coins or bills reduce the number of points (e.g., a nickel reduces points by five, a dollar by 100, etc.). If $250 or more is raised, ALL of the sponsors have to do their embarrassing activity! The money raised will be donated to a local school for the purchase of books and to a clean water fundraiser at the Alpha Chi National Convention in March.

Totals as of Tuesday, Feb. 25th:

Bob Mahan: 137 points (477 pennies – $3.40 other currency)


Lori Mills: 100 points (385 pennies – $2.85 other currency)


Tony Jones: -27 points (38 pennies – $.65 other currency)


John Jackson: -179 points (41 pennies – $2.20 other currency)


Mary Jackson: -355 points (20 pennies – $3.75 other currency)


Other miscellaneous money donated: $18.20


Total money raised thus far: $40.66