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Good day, Milligan!

Proverbs 19:13 – Foolish children are their parents’ ruin, and a quarrelsome spouse is like
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This is Monday, August 19, 2013, and on this day in Milligan history . . . 


1874    Josephus Hopwood (1843-1935), who had been teaching school in Sneedville, TN, and Sarah Eleanor LaRue of Mexico, MO, were united in Holy Matrimony in the Antioch Christian Church in Oldham County, KY, with “Brother Hulett and Brother Ben Franklin officiating.” The Hopwoods founded Milligan College in 1881. Josephus Hopwood, A Journey through the Years: An Autobiography (St. Louis, MO: Bethany Press, 1932), p. 40.


1875    Sarah LaRue Hopwood (1846-1935) arrived in Johnson City, TN, by train where her husband, Josephus Hopwood, met her at the station and brought her out to the campus of the Buffalo Male and Female Institute, later to be named Milligan College. Cynthia Ann Cornwell (1985): Beside the Waters of the Buffalo: A History of Milligan College to 1941. Milligan College History Project: Milligan College, TN, 1989, p. 15; and Lucille Lumsden (1929), abridged and reprinted in The Stampede, March 25, 1950.


1957    Milligan College president Dean E. Walker was among those who eulogized Canton, OH, evangelist P. H. Welshimer at his funeral. First Christian Church was filled to overflowing to honor the pastor who served over 55 years in Canton. The Canton Repository editorialized, “His . . . pastorate here had an impact so tremendous it defies appraisal.” The P. H. Welshimer Memorial Library of Milligan College received much of Welshimer’s library. Francis M. Arant, “P.H.” – The Welshimer Story (Cincinnati: The Standard Publishing Company, 1958), p. 124


1960    The Francis Gary Powers Story, Part Ten: The trial of Milligan College alumnus Francis Gary Powers (1950) concluded in the Soviet Union. He had been charged with spying for the USA. Powers had piloted the American U-2 reconnaissance plane which Soviet missiles shot out of the sky. The court, finding Powers guilty, sentenced him to ten years in prison. Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry, Operation Overflight (Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, 1970), p. 195


2005    The extensive renovations and expansion to McCown Cottage (the business office) that took place throughout the summer were finally completed. The staff of Student Financial Services could occupy the new rooms – and just in the nick of time before registration started on Monday


2006    The City of Elizabethton proclaimed the day “Ray Smith Day” in honor of Ray Smith’s five hundredth career victory with the Elizabethton Twins.  Smith had coached for 20 years with the Twins, the last thirteen of them as manager. He had been named Appalachian League Manager of the Year five times.  Smith also served as Athletic Director and assistant baseball coach at Milligan College.  E-mail from President Don Jeanes (ΦAΘ, 1969)

Birthdays:  In 1854 James M. Fagan the only child of Eliza McCorkle Fagan and W. R. Fagan, a Unicoi County blacksmith and farmer of 425 acres in Buffalo Valley. Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee describes James M. Fagan as having received his education at Milligan College, but Cynthia Cornwell (1985) does not record his name, nor does his age — 27 in 1881 — make this likely. If Goodpseed’s is right, Fagan perhaps attended the Buffalo Male and Female Institute, Milligan’s high-school-level predecessor.  Fagan, a farmer and merchant, married Margaret A. Ellis. Their children were Robert S. Fagan, William R. Fagan, Maggie N. Fagan, Grover C. Fagan, and Eliza L. Fagan.  Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee Unicoi County at . . . in 1902 Ogden Nash in Rye, NY . . . in 1946 William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton in Hope, AR. . . and in 1995 Milligan College freshman Haley Danielle Wyrick.


Elsewhere . . .

In 1934 a plebiscite in Germany granted sole executive power to Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

In 1957 the New York Giants decided to move their franchise to San Francisco in 1958.

In 1967 the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” single went to #1 in the pop record charts.

In 1976 President Gerald R. Ford won the Republican presidential nomination at the Kansas City party convention.

In 1989 Poland elected a non-communist president, Tadeusz Mazowiecki.


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