Today in Milligan History (5/17)

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Today in Milligan History

an ongoing project of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

appearing sporadically during the summer months

Good day, Milligan!

Proverbs 17:13 — Evil will never leave the house of one who pays back evil for good.

This is Friday, May 17, 2013, and on this day in Milligan history . . .

1827    Andrew Johnson and Eliza McCardle married in Warrensburg, TN, just outside Greeneville. Johnson was eighteen, Eliza sixteen and a half. The justice of the peace who performed the ceremony was Mordecai Lincoln, a first cousin of Thomas Lincoln, the father of the sixteenth President. The couple would, years later, reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. Hans L. Trefousse, Andrew Johnson: A Biography. New York: W. W. Norton, 1989, p. 28.

1868    Andrew Johnson’s impeachment trial ended with an acquittal for the seventeenth President of the United States – but only by a single vote, the one cast by Kansas senator Edmund G. Ross. Johnson would finish out his term and then return to his home in Greeneville, TN.

1882    The Board of Directors of the Eastern Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad learned that the rail line between Johnson City, TN and Cranberry, NC was near completion. Depots stood at Roan Mountain and Hampton. Later a small depot – a flag stop – would carry the name “Milligan College.” The ET&WNC right of way passed within half a mile of the newly-renamed Buffalo Male and Female Institute. Johnny Graybeal, Along the ET&WNC. Volume III: The Depots (Hickory, NC: Tarheel Press, 2002), pp. 9, 29, 31, 32.

1964    Sunday was the day for the All-School Picnic at Watauga Lake. From 2:00 to 5:00 Milligan College students swam, hiked, played volleyball, softball, badminton  . . . and studied American History. The menu included hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. The Stampede, May 24, 1964, p. 3.

1968    Donald R. Jeanes (ΦΑΘ, 1968) received the Balfour Award as Milligan’s Outstanding Student during the annual Awards Ceremony. Jeanes returned to his alma mater as President in 1997. The Stampede, May 29, 1968. Vol. xxxii  No. 9 p. 3. Submitted by Luke Rogers (ΦAΘ, 2007)

Birthdays: In 1444 artist Sandro Botticelli in Florence, Italy . . . in 1749 vaccination experimenter Edward Jenner in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England  . . . in 1844 Hebrew scholar Julius Wellhausen in Hameln, Westfalen, Germany . . . . . in 1900 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Khomein, Iran . . . and in 1985 Luke Rogers (ΦAΘ, 2007) in Des Moines, IA.

Elsewhere . . .

In 1673 Louis Joliet & Jacques Marquette began exploring the Mississippi.

In 1904 Maurice Ravel’s “Shéhérazade” premiered in Paris, France.

In 1905 the American Standard Version (ASV) of the New Testament appeared.

In 1940 Germany occupied Brussels, Belgium, and began the invasion of France.

In 1954 the Supreme Court of the United States of America unanimously ruled on Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education, reversing the 1896 “separate but equal” Plessy vs. Ferguson decision.

Do you know something that happened on this day in Milligan history?  Is this the birthday of a Milligan personality?  The anniversary of a Milligan event?  If so, send it to Phi Alpha Theta at