Volunteers needed for MCA Fashion Show



Hello ladies and Gents:

MCA will be throwing a spring fashion show on Friday, April 12th at 6:30pm on the Derthick Commons and we need a LOT of volunteers to make it a success.

We need:

Set-up crew

Back-stage crew

Break down crew

Ticket booth



Light & sound crew


Cuers (cue models to enter the runway) and ushers

Clothing style assistants-Style and dress the models to designers discretion

Refreshment servers-after the show

Clothing Inventory manager

Food managers-will serve food for models before the show

Hair and makeup artists

Outside fashion designer hostess-will assist any guest designers



**If you do the smaller roles such as decorations, refreshments, ticket booth feel free to sign up for another small role!!

We also are looking for designer assistants, these people will work with designers in styling the models as well as making any clothing arrangements or adjustments.


Community service hours are available!! =)


Please email Liz O’neill (eo’neill@my.milligan.edu) if you have any questions or need more information! Or check out our facebook page–> https://www.facebook.com/MCMulticulturalAssociationFashionShow


Thanks, we really appreciate any and all help!