Today in Milligan History (10/29)

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Today in Milligan History

an ongoing project of Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

Good day, Milligan!

Proverbs 29:12 – “If a ruler listens to lies, all his officials become wicked.”

This is Monday, October 29, 2012, and on this day in Milligan history . . .

1926    The Elizabethton newspaper’s headline of the day was, “Bemberg Plant Starts.” While the rest of the country was wrapped up in the “roaring twenties,” Elizabethton ushered in its “golden twenties” when the German-owned American Bemberg Company (ABC) began producing artificial silk.  The factory start-up began with a celebration: German and American flags flying, bugles blowing, and “three long blasts from the deep-throated whistle at the plant.” ABC remained a major employer in East Tennessee for the next four decades. Frank Merritt (1947), Later History of Carter County 1865-1980 (Carter County Homecoming ’86 Project; Kingsport, TN: Arcata Graphics, 1986), p. 244.

2005    It was a beautiful Fall Saturday, and it was Homecoming at Milligan College. The Homecoming Parade featured floats, demonstrations or other participatory activities from thirteen campus groups. The alumni-faculty football game ended up in a 70-37 rout. Five hundred visitors came to the campus for a week end that included Oklahoma!, a 5-K footrace and 2.5K walk. The Buffalo, 2005, p. 15

2005    Just prior to the final show of the homecoming musical Oklahoma!, President Donald R. Jeanes (1968, ΦΑΘ; President 1997-2011) and Theater Professor Richard Major (1978, Milligan since 1985) announced that the new convocation center would be called the Elizabeth Leitner Gregory Convocation Center later changed to “Elizabeth Leitner Gregory Center for the Liberal Arts. “

2010    A CD release party for Milligan College senior Erin Aubrey’s (2011) album All These Ours filled Sub-7 with sound. Aubrey’s band included Milligan alumni Troy Petrie (2010), and students Jonathan Tuttle and Daniel Rogers. Aubrey’s sister Amy Aubrey also sang for the occasion. Chandrea Shell (2000), Milligan College News Release, October 27, 2010

Birthdays: In 1888 Florence Anthony Burns (1888-1963) was born. She was the “first lady” of Milligan College during the years 1940-1944 when her husband, Charles Earl Burns (1883-1975), served as the college president. Florence “Muzzie” Burns was a mother figure to the students on campus. Her diary suggests that she did a great deal of the college’s bill paying, as well as campus grocery shopping and supply purchases. She writes about the college’s ration stamps as well as writing out reports for the government during 1943. According to Clint Holloway’s (1995) thesis, Burns founded a group of women known as the King’s Daughters, a ladies’ auxiliary group; they hosted dinners, Bible studies, and did fundraising for Buffalo Creek Christian Church. In 1935 Burns initiated the project that expanded and renovated Buffalo Creek Christian Church. This included raising the original frame structure so that a basement could be built beneath it, the installation of stained glass windows, and covering the exterior with stone.  She also suggested renaming the building “Hopwood Memorial Christian Church” The Golden Rule Foundation of America named Florence Burns “Associate Mother of America” in 1942. Clinton Jack Holloway (1995), Age Deo Fide et Amore: A History of Milligan College 1940-1966. (Unpublished thesis, Emmanuel School of Religion, 1998), pp. 87, 88. Submitted by Ginger Dillon (ΦAΘ, 2002) . . . in 1993 Milligan College freshman Gabriel David Rees . . . and in 2009, Callum Andrew Blackburn, second son of Milligan College Prof. Lee (2000) and Kirstin (2000) Blackburn.

Elsewhere . . .

In 1787 Mozart premiered Don Giovanni in Prague.

In 1945 Milligan College students – if they had enough money – could buy a ball point pen.

In 1956 Chet Huntley and David Brinkley took to the airwaves on NBC News.

In 1969 the first “Internet” transmission took place on the ARPANET at 22:30 o’clock.

In 1982 Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson released “The Girl is Mine”